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Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy & EFT Course

Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy & EFT Course


This course will show you how to relax deeply and stop smoking easily with no cravings. The average smoker spends thousands every year, what will you do with the extra cash? How will being able to breathe more freely benefit you? How will a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and other kinds of terminal illness benefit you?


Mark Stubbles has joined forces with Francesca Molinari to create this course which they believe will stop anyone smoking permanently, the course uses CBT, EFT and Hypnotherapy which has been shown by the worlds largest scientific survey to be the most effective way to stop smoking.

Why Do You Want To Stop?

  • Maybe you want to stop smoking for health reasons but think smoking helps reduce stress – this course is for you.

  • Maybe you want to stop smoking for monetary reasons but think you are addicted to nicotine – this course is for you.

  • Maybe you just identify as a smoker and can’t see yourself as a non-smoker – this course is for you.

  • Maybe you see cigarettes as your best friend – this course is for you.

  • Maybe you want to see your grand kids grow up  – this course is for you.

  • Maybe you want to be able to walk up stairs without wheezing – this course is for you.

  • Maybe you have tried to quit before and failed – this course is for you.

The course is hosted by a third party and will be supplied to you with full lifetime access so you can download and refer to it whenever you want.

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Alyson Joy
Alyson Joy
Once the technology was sorted, I was able to easily slip into a trance state and felt perfectly relaxed.
Francesca Molinari
Francesca Molinari
I would like to share my wonderful experience with this healing modality. I have had severe crippling migraines for my whole life, since I was a kid, we are talking forty years of pain. Each and every time I had any stress, physical or emotional, you could be sure I would get one and then I was out for a day and the following one wasn't awesome either. I used to get this every other day. I went vegan, did a lot of self work, asked for help....and I got them down to one a month, more or less. Still, not good enough...that one was way too much. I did ONE session with Mark...and I was hoping this would do it, you can understand why right? I haven't had one since and it has been two months already. This has NEVER happened before. You don't always have to find out what traumatized you etc. to get over it. Try this modality, he is amazing I think and I have been involved in this world for my whole life so know I have met many many healers. I think if what he offers can change something as chronic as the migraines I used to can be reassured it will work on lesser painful and chronic stuff too. Thank you for helping me have a "normal" life. It only took 44 more