I offer online hypnosis sessions via Skype and Zoom. I am happy to travel to your home if you live within a 40-mile radius of Slough and find online hypnosis sessions to very popular with clients that live further away or clients that are located in a different country. Online hypnosis sessions via Skype or Zoom can just as effective as in-person hypnosis sessions, you don’t even need a computer it is possible to download apps for Android and iOS devices so all that is required is a decent phone or internet connection. I have successfully worked with people in Germany, Italy, Estonia and the U.S.

How Online Hypnosis Sessions Work

If you are interested in an online hypnosis session simply contact me, once we have ascertained that we can work together and agreed a suitable time I will schedule a Zoom meeting, Zoom is like Skype but I find it to be a bit more stable, if you prefer Skype we can work with that too.

As I said above most Smartphones will be suitable for online hypnotherapy as long as they have a good camera and internet connection, a fast Wi-Fi connection is best but online hypnotherapy can be done over 4G too. I will need to have a good view of you for the session and I will need you to sit so that I can see you so I may ask you to adjust your seating before we start the session.

Whether we decide to use Zoom, Skype or something else please ensure you download the necessary app before our session start time.

I have successfully done online hypnotherapy sessions with kids running around and dogs jumping all over the place but I would prefer not to so please try to find somewhere quiet to relax for our session and make sure you wear comfortable clothing, many people find they relax better by wearing headphones and taking their shoes off.

Angie Wilks said, “I’ve had a couple of sessions so far with Mark over Zoom. Both sessions were very relaxing and left me feeling more motivated to prioritise exercise in my daily life. Mark has given me a recording of the second session so I can listen to it on a daily basis until my habit is established. I already feel much more energised and eager to go to the gym!”